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Body Massage

      Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage technicians typically use their hands and fingers for massage but may also use their forearms, elbows and even feet. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure techniques. There are many different types of massage we provide, including these common types:

Swedish Massage: This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.
Deep-tissue Massage: This massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.
Sports Massage: This is similar to Swedish massage but is geared toward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treat injuries.
Trigger Point Massage: This massage focuses on trigger points, or sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse.
The Benefits of Massage:
      Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It's increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.
Physical Benefits
Deep Relaxation
Stress Reduction
Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Promotes circulation
Reduces blood pressure
Faster healing time from pulled muscles
Increases endorphins--the body's natural pain killers.
Mental Benefits:
Reduces mental stress
Calms the mind
Increases capacity for clearer thinking.
Emotional Benefits:
Reduces levels of anxiety
Promotes awareness of mind-body connection
Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often involves caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment and creating deep connections with their massage technicians.